Thousand Oaks Granite Countertops

Why Choose Granite For Your Thousand Oaks Counter Tops?

thousand oaks granite countertops - kitchen countertops - ventura stone (805) 654-1834At Ventura Stone, we deliver a considerable amount of granite kitchen counters to guide you through your home improvement project and update the overall look and charm of your cooking area. But why granite?

If you are seeking a countertop that is both attractive and durable, granite countertops make for the finest option. While marble is generally linked with sophistication and elegance, there is no end to the kind of effect you can create with granite.

There are lots of advantages of picking granite. If you are still confused about deciding, let us share a couple of differentiating benefits of selecting granite over additional options.

Resilience and Endurance

Marble and granite both supply unparalleled appeal but when it concerns resistance against scratches, blemishes, heat and other unsafe effects, granite basically has no rival. Granite counter tops usually outlive wood and tile. The durability originates from the less permeable formation of the stone as compared with marble.

This is what makes granite countertops best for use around the kitchen area where it is very easy to get stubborn stains and knife cuts on the stone. Our granite is additionally extremely resistant against acid and other corrosive elements. We further boost the toughness and resistance of our granite kitchen counters by finishing them with an effective seal to help maximize lifespan.

Charm and Selection

Marble might be among the most stunning natural stones, but granite supplies the most outstanding variety of color schemes, patterns, swirls and veins. This permits you to develop striking comparison and the classiest color themes around your kitchen area. Given that it is formed naturally under severe pressure and heat, each stone is very different from one another.

- The Classic Look– There are dozens of timeless selections of granite that will certainly assist you in developing a classic looking cooking area, with colors ranging from Venetian gold to black pearl and from peacock green to sapphire blue. These traditional granite countertops never go out of style and will compliment practically any sort of wood utilized for your kitchen cabinets.

- The Exotic Look– If you are seeking a more special, elegant and bolder look for your cooking area, then there are plenty of unique granite counter assortments to choose from, as well. You might choose a multi-hued theme with the unique Juparana Carajas granite countertop or select an eye-soothing Blue Storm for a stunning blue theme.

Affordability and Value

Despite the many perks and benefits, granite prices remain lower than marble. This is one of the varied explanations why marble is more related to wealth and royalty. Nevertheless, if value is what you are seeking, granite counter tops are your greatest investment.

Keep in mind that you might not get the true value unless you buy granite from a legitimate and reliable supplier with a considerable variety to pick from.

thousand oaks granite countertop fabrication - kitchen countertops - ventura stone (805) 654-1834If you live on the Central Coast of California, we are happy to provide you our high-value products and services and provide installation services to the following counties:

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