Quartz Surfaces

Quartz Surfaces

Perfect for use as countertops, backsplashes, flooring, tabletops, and even bath and shower walls, quartz surfacing, also referred to as engineered stone, is one of the toughest and versatile products on the market today.

What's Quartz Surfacing?

Quartz surfacing is the process of grinding down quartz crystals, then combining them with a resin material to create stone quality surfaces that can be used anywhere in your home.  While quartz is second only to diamonds in hardness, it isn’t found in deposits large enough to quarry large slabs.

The solution is to grind up the material, add desired pigments and re-form it under high pressure into one of the most beautiful stone materials on earth.

The Benefits

Because engineered stone requires the manufacturer to grind up and form the stone, this product provides homeowners with many options that traditional stone materials and countertops do not.

The colors available with engineered stone are limitless, for example, since you can add any pigment you desire during the manufacturing process.  Engineered stone also allows you to cost effectively custom design the edges on your countertops or other products, since the slabs are artificially formed at the factory.

Because the quartz is bound with resin under high temperatures and pressures, this is one of the most stain resistant, bacteria resistant, blemish-proof stone surfaces you’ll ever find, anywhere.


As mentioned previously, the fact that quartz countertops, tiles, and other surfaces are manufactured using resins and extreme pressures means that they are also some of the most maintenance-free stone surfaces in the industry.  Unlike other stone, they won’t stain, absorb moisture, or develop mold or bacteria easily.

About the only concern with quartz surfaces is exposure to heat!

The resin quartz surfaces are bound with can be susceptible to very high temperatures, so they can show the effects of having a hot pan or pot placed directly on the surface.  The solution is an easy fix, however.

Use a heat pad. Compared to the constant diligence and regular sealing that other stone countertops and tile require, protecting your quartz surfaces is about as easy as it gets.

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